Born in Cali, Colombia in 1981, Rodrigo Hernandez began his studies in art as early as the forth grade at the High School and Art Centre Juvenilia.  Here he studied Art History and learnt many techniques in art including painting, printing and sculpting.  Graduating in 1999 with a special mention on his High School art thesis, Rodrigo then began further study at the University of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia, where he majored in Graphic Design in 2004.  Whilst studying at university, Rodrigo's passion for art grows and he begins painting.   Not long after graduating, he is invited to join a collective group of growing artists in an exhibition.  three of Rodrigo's paintings are exhibited in the exhibition and he receives great attention from the public. 

In 2006, Rodrigo moves to Australia where he continues studying related areas in design including marketing and multimedia to compliment his degree in graphic design.  However, he never loses sight of his passion for creative art and in 2008 exhibits one of his paintings in the Amnesty International Sydney exhibition for Human Rights.  He again catches the attention of the public, and it is after this exhibition where Rodrigo decides to concentrate further on his paintings as opposed to graphic design. 
In 2009 Rodrigo contemplates holding a solo exhibition, and with encouragement from notable Sydney figures including Sony Music Producer, the late Jay Dee Springbett, he soon realizes that his dream of seducing the difficult art world is now a realistic conquest for him.
Rodrigo's first solo exhibition was held in December 2011 at a newly opened gallery in Surry Hills.  The exhibition was presented to the public as R.HERNANDEZ - "The day you decide to paint only for the desire to create beauty, that day you become an artist".  His quote was an underlying constant in all 20 of Rodrigo's paintings exhibited.  The exhibition was well received by the public and stamped the name R.HERNANDEZ on the Sydney art scene.



Welding Sculptures

National Art School. Sydney, Australia 2012

Teacher: David Horton

Jewellery Making

Gaffa studios. Sydney, Australia 2011 and 2012

High school and Art Center Juvenilia

Cali, Colombia.



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